As long as I can remember, I have had a craving for books. My love affair goes back to age four, when my parents taught me to read. Since then, I have collected and devoured the written word in all its incarnations.

I especially have a deep reverence for classic literature. Works that have stood the test of time and criticism, of wars and high school English classes. Whenever I spy a classic work on the shelf of a store, I feel like a bounty hunter that has stumbled upon a treasure. Names like Poe, Kipling, Austen, Dickens…get my blood pumping and excite both my mind and my heart.

I have been collecting classic tomes for the last several years and now have quite a tidy collection–roughly 250 works in all–and now the journey of discovery can begin. It is time to open the leaves and reveal the treasures within.

The second part of my journey has to do with corporeal reflections of my love for literature. I am amassing a lovely collection of tattoos, each based in classic works–words and phrases that have remained in my mind for some time–words that I can reflect on each day and take to heart. So far, my tattoos include works from Scripture, Poe, Steinbeck, Lewis and Bronte. I have given each of these a great deal of thought, and have plans for more, as I behold the glory and agony of the written word.

I am excited for the journey and anxious to discover what great secrets lie within these pages!


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