Posted by: Naomi | July 11, 2011

The Godfather

When compared to some of the classics of literature, Mario Puzo’s The Godfather is hardly a smooth flowing epic, but it is a classic nonethless; a visceral, graphic portrayal of a Mafia family through several generations. I first encountered this book during high school, but reading it a decade later with fresh eyes, I found it to be an exciting and brilliantly developed story. I love the themes of family, honor, revenge, duty, and the pursuit of true satisfaction in life. The characters are vivid and three-dimensional, which lends an air of stark realism to the book. The films are also masterpieces in their own right, but to actually read the story is to be thrilled. I am fascinated by the dichotomy that exists with many of the characters within the Corleone family, particularly Michael and Don Vito. These men would gladly live in peace and prosperity, however, their own pride and personal sense of justice and responsibility pushes them to aid with the affairs of their fellow man, and to bring justice–however brutal–to those whom traditional justice has failed. It is a richly layered and amazing story.


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