Posted by: Naomi | March 20, 2011


Despite the many treatments that the character of Dracula has received in various movies and books, the original work by Bram Stoker is still both riveting and thrilling. The writing style is interesting, the tale is told via letters, recordings, journal logs, etc. and adds an interesting sense of realism to the book. Although the movie version of Dracula with Bela Lugosi may seem a bit campy, the Count is still very creepy, and nothing like these staid Victorian characters have encountered before. The variety of characters and the ways that they interact with each other, and the schemes and devices they concoct to combat the monster are amusing and fascinating. I very much enjoyed exploring ‘where it all began’, tracing the Vampire myth back to its roots, as it were. It amazes me how such a simple and terrifying tale can be so well-loved and imitated, and how the legend of the Vampires becomes a well developed and organic world of beauty and horror. I also enjoyed the cultural and historical settings of the novel, set partially in Romania. My grandfather comes from Romania, which gave me a small sense of ownership or pride, that Dracula could come from the same place.


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